360 Degree Cockpit Video of the Blue Angels - Awesome!

We've seen several videos of the Blue Angel's taken from inside the cockpit, but this the first time that we've been able to look wherever we want during the flight!

This video, taken with 360 degree camera technology, means that you can pan around on the Chrome browser (using the arrows in the top left of the video) looking wherever you want throughout the video. If you have the Youtube app on your phone, you can just move the phone to look around!

You can check out just how close the wings of #3 and #4 are during the Diamond, or watch the guy in the backseat try not to drop his phone (or lose his lunch!). There are so many things to watch during this video, you may need to see it a couple of times - I got so wrapped up in watching the pilot a couple of times I forgot to look at the other aircraft in the formation!

Check it out here: