Bribery and Fraud Ensnares Naval Officers and Contractors

The plot has recently thickened in the bribery and fraud scandal that has caught three Navy personnel and two high-ranking officials from the contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia(GDMA).

So far two Naval personnel, Navy Cmdr. Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz and NCIS supervisory agent John Bertrand Beliveau II have been arrested, and a third, Capt. Daniel Dusek has been relieved of his command. Although Capt. Dusek has not been charged with a crime, the entire investigation is ongoing.

GDMA's owner and CEO Leonard Glenn Francis, and its general manager for government contracts Alex Wisidagama have also been arrested and charged with defrauding the US government.

It is alleged that Cmdr. Misiewicz purposely steered US Navy ships to international ports with lax oversight where Francis' company could overcharge the Navy for millions in services. It is estimated that this fraud cost the US at least $2.3 million in Thailand alone - based in Singapore GDMA also operates out of Japan, Malaysia, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and the United States. They have been providing contract services to the US military for 25 years.

NCIS agent Beliveau, who was stationed in Singapore from 2008-2012, illegally supplied Francis information into an investigation into GDMA's contracts by the NCIS. Wisidagama is alleged to have provided numerous false bids (claimed to be from competitors), inflated prices on fuel and trash services, and claimed due tariffs from non-existing port services.

Francis and GDMA allegedly financed these crimes by offering concert tickets, free travel, and prostitutes to those who steered business to GDMA ports.

This investigation is being conducted by several government branches in concert: the Defense Department’s Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the Justice Department, NCIS and the Defense Contract Audit Agency.