Community Overview: 

The Cryptologic Officer must be a professional who cannot only lead and potentially command, but one that is technically prepared to meet the challenges of the worldwide explosion in technology.

Your job may require:

  • TAD deployments onboard ships and submarines or PCS assignments aboard aircraft carriers, amphibious units, cruisers and destroyers.
  • Assignment to flight duty at commands which conduct fleet airborne reconnaissance operations.
  • Assignment ashore in a foreign country.
Training Pipeline After Commission: 

After graduation from Officer Candidate School (OCS), Cryptology officers must successfully complete the 13-week Naval Cryptologic Officer Basic Course (NCOBC) at NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, FL.

After graduation from NCOBC, officers will be assigned to various NSG command either stateside or abroad. Initial duties normally consist of Direct Support (Airborne, Surface, Subsurface or Forward deployed Staffs,) or at Regional SIGINT Operational Centers located at various sites world-wide.

Special Pay/Bonuses: 


Active Duty Obligation: 
4 yrs Active from date of commission.
Service Obligation: 
Total of 8 yrs Active & Inactive.
Age Requirement: 
At least 19 and less than 35 at time of commission. No waivers.
Education Requirements: 
BA/BS in Computer Science, Info. Systems, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering preferred.
Prior experience in a technical rating such as ET, IT, or CT may be substituted for a technical degree.
Medical Requirements: 
Correctable to 20/20 (waivers considered).
Color vision not required.
PRK and LASIK only eye surgeries waiverable.
Special Requirements: 
Foreign language skills are not required, but may delay entry up to 12 months.
No financial, legal, drug issues.