Former Blue Angel Boss Guilty of Charges

Capt. Gregory McWherter, who served not once but twice as the #1 pilot with the premier Navy flight demonstration squadron, has been found guilty of allowing lewd and inappropriate behavior under his command.

When Capt. McWherter led the Blue Angels from 2008-2010, his leadership and willingness to correct officers was exemplary, but when he returned in 2011 to replace an ousted commander, things went to far. The report by Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Harry Harris details instances in which Capt. McWherter allowed and condoned the team members inappropriate actions. Some of the allegations include pornographic cockpit pinups, inappropriate group texts and images, and nude images shown in the ready room.

Capt. McWherter was replaced as Blue Angel #1 in early November 2012 by Cmdr. Tom Frosch.