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i took add medicine in the 5th grade but only for a month when I was taken off it by my parents. I graduated high school 2 years ago with an advanced diploma and got honor roll without any medication. My recruiter sent my medical docxs to see if I could get a medical waiver or not. my question is 1) how long will it take before I hear back? 2) how likely is it that I will get a waiver considering everything?

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ADD Medication

The answer to both your questions is, unfortunately, hard to know for sure.

Waivers can take few weeks or several months, and there's not really any way to know how long your specific one will take. It may have to go up the chain of command, only to sit on a desk for a few weeks, before getting a stamp of acceptance or refusal. The best (and only) advice is to just be patient - this is a very busy time for all recruiters, so take that into account.

A waiver for medication that was only taken for a couple of weeks should be possible, but with military cutbacks, you can never be sure. If - worst case - your waiver is denied, you can always try to enlist again around Christmas time. Recruiting is generally slow, and so some recruiters may be willing to work with you more to meet their quotas.

Good luck, and let us know what happens!