Eye Injury

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I am gathering my information to start the process of joining the Navy. I have 12 years of healthcare experience. I have an associates degree and I am 9 classes away from completing my Bachelor in accounting, I have around 130 college credits. I hope to join the Navy and find a financial management position.

However, I have an injury from childhood that may hinder my ability to join. When I was 10 years old I had an accident that ruptured my cornea. This type of injury is in-operable. I am concerned that this old injury may cause me to be medically disqualified.

I have a letter from an eye surgeon and my primary medical provider, stating in their medical opinions my condition should not effect my success in the Navy

1). Patients medical or physical defect would not require excessive time lost from duty for treatment or hospitalization or would likely not result in separation from United States Navy.

2). Medically capable of performing duties without aggravation of existing medical or physical defect.

3). Medically capable of satisfactorily completing required training.

4). Medically adaptable to the military environment without the necessity of geographical limitations.

If anyone has any advice or experience for my situation would love any feedback.

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Eye waiver

Sorry it's taken so long to reply to this, Mark.

Have you seen a recruiter yet? This time of year is a very busy time for them. Don't be surprised if they brush you off or give you minimal attention when they find out you need a waiver. If they do, try going back around Thanksgiving/Christmas - usually things are slower then and they are more willing to work with people that need additional paperwork.

Be aware, however, that personnel and budget cuts do mean that more people are trying to get into fewer open spots in all the military branches. Your education and background is pretty good, but don't be surprised if it takes a bit of time.

Most importantly, please let us know how your recruiter meeting goes!