Medical Disqualifers for Navy

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I've wanted to be a naval aviator for years and have been trying my best to get into an NROTC program at my prospective college (which I plan to transfer to in the fall of 2018; I am currently a community college student majoring in aerospace engineering), but now I am suddenly worried about my medical history and if that will disqualify me or not.

I have had:

A minimally fractured finger. (Now completely healed and usable)

Temporary knee pain. (But after physical therapy the pain has gone away)

I've also seen a cardiovascular doctor for palpitations but it turned out to be just hormonal and nothing serious.

And the one that's worrying me the most:

I saw a therapist for about three or four months to treat depression and anxiety. Last session was around 2016 November, if I remember correctly. Was on anti-depressants for about three or four months. Haven't been on them since 2017 March. Never been on anti-anxiety medication because I knew it wasn't severe enough. No suicidal thoughts or tendencies; never self-harmed. My anxiety mainly consists of excessive worrying, but I have had these symptoms since the age of 6 (now 18) and have learned to manage my anxiety very well. I am very career-driven, hard-working, optimistic, and overall very happy person.

Basically, I would argue that my anxiety is not severe enough to disqualify me from military service.

Other than all of this, I am a full-time student, doing very well academically, work a part-time job, and am maintaining good physical training to prepare for PRT and beyond. My life can get very stressful and hectic, but I consider myself to be a very strong person and am able to get everything done effectively.

I've read around other forums that, depending on the person, people with GAD do sometimes go through the medical evaluation and are able to serve. Is this correct?

I really hope this won't be disqualifying. Being a prospective counterpart of the United States Navy is what is literally getting me up in the morning. I want to serve and preserve our freedom!

Thank you!