prior service navy back to active navy

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i recently got out in 2011 as a HM. i did 6 yrs as an E4 with Honorable Discharge RE1/MBK codes, good health and everything. i want to reenlist back into active navy not reserves. does anyone have any advice on how to do this? please dont tell me to talk to a recruiter because i know if the recruiter is lazy, they will never help and eventually, the recruiter is who im going to talk to in the end anyway.

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Good luck!

The best time to do it is ASAP - with an RE-1 you are fully qualified to reenlist, but with the looming sequestration in March, getting into any military force is difficult (some current members are being forced out). For a while I know the Army was only letting prior service members reenlist as 18X (Special Forces), I don't know if the Navy is doing something similar now, but they may be doing it to fill an under-strength NEC.

Typically the slowest time for recruiters is around the holidays (Nov-Jan) and the hardest time to get in is when schools get out (May-July). So the recruiters are about to be slammed and sequestration is still a BIG unknown - good luck, and please let us know what the recruiter tells you.