Movie Star Sub Returns from Final Deployment

The legendary Los Angeles-class nuclear powered attack submarine the USS Dallas, star of Tom Clancy's hit book and movie The Hunt for the Red October has returned from its last overseas deployment.

The USS Dallas ultimately served for 33 years in the US Navy, and was the seventh Los Angeles-class submarine commissioned for service. It was the first attack submarine built with an all-digital fire control system as well as the first attack sub to carry a dry-deck shelter, for launching and recovering special forces and their vehicles.

The USS Dallas most recently returned from a six month deployment around Europe and the Middle East, and has been deployed to every major theater during her service life. Although she has returned from her last deployment, the USS Dallas will continue to be used to support training and other missions until September, when it will be prepared for decommissioning.

Although the Dallas won't deploy again, the Dallas Maritime Museum Foundation - a nonprofit with plans to build a museum featuring ships named after the city - may use the ship as a centerpiece for the museum.