Navy to Open Subs to Enlisted Women

The Navy is moving forward with its plan to have enlisted men and women serving side-by-side in the submarine force, and is planning on starting in 2016.

Taking a cue from the integration of the Navy's surface force, the first enlisted women to arrive will be chief and senior chiefs with the following ratings: culinary specialist, logistics specialist, information systems technician, yeoman, and independent duty corpsman. Two crews are expected to begin the integration in 2016, with up to four added each year until 2021.

The first female petty officers that will be eligible to serve on submarines will come from the following ratings: culinary specialist, electronics technician (navigation and communications), fire control technician, machinist's mate (weapons and auxiliary), logistics specialist, yeoman, information systems technician, and missile technician.

To serve aboard submarines both petty officers and enlisted will attend basic submarine school and then any rate-specific training that is required.

Female officers began serving aboard subs toward the end of 2011, and according to the Navy the integration has gone well,, despite the scandal about the ballistic-missile sub Wyoming, in which female officers were unknowingly filmed over a year-long period and the videos were share among a small number of sailors.