Navy Ratings

Navy enlisted jobs are grouped into communities, here are the

Enlisted Communities

Navy Officers don't have communities, instead they have 4 branches, depending on the type of officer.

Unrestricted Line Officers

These are officers of the Navy and Naval Reserve that are unrestricted in their duties. They are commissioned through OCS, ROTC, or the Naval Academy, and they are eligible for the command of ships, submarines, flight squadrons, and shore bases.

Restricted Duty Line Officers

These are officers that are restricted to duty in a particular field, be it engineering, aviation support, or another special duty. These officers also attend OCS, ROTC, or the Naval Academy.

Staff Officers

Navy Staff Officers are specialists in fields that are careers themselves, such as physicians, chaplains, engineers, and others. Instead of star insignia worn by Line officers, these officers wear their specialty insignia on the sleeve of the dress blue uniforms and on their shoulder boards. They also attend a shorter version of OCS known as ODS.

Limited Duty Officers

These are former enlisted soldiers or warrant officers that are selected for a commission based on extensive experience in their area of expertise. They are limited to performing their duties as commissioned officers within the program that they are selected in.