New Screening Rules After Naval Yard Shooting

After the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard facility by a former Navy Reservist, Navy officials are trying to close some of the gaps in the security screening process.

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As is required of all recruits, Alexis submitted to the National Agency Check for Law and Credit. When his fingerprints were sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they came back with one abnormality: the “malicious mischief” charges that Alexis had been arrested for in Seattle. In that episode, Alexis shot out the tires on a car in a fit of rage while staying at his grandmother’s house.

Office of Personnel Management investigators sat down with Alexis, who did not disclose his arrests.

Their scrubbed report to the Navy removed any reference to Alexis using a gun; it says only that Alexis “deflated the tires on a construction worker’s vehicle.” Based on that characterization, the Navy granted Alexis a secret clearance March 11, 2008.

It is not clear whether Alexis would have gained his security clearance had the report mentioned that he’d shot out the tires, given that the clearance process is geared toward finding those who represent espionage threats, rather than who are mentally unstable or dangerous. But Mabus has recommended to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that all police records be included in a person’s security clearance investigation.

In addition, the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has ordered a military-wide review of base security procedures.