NEX Locations to Receive Wireless Internet

About 50 Naval Exchanges are getting free Wi-fi to help customers save both time and money.

The Navy is providing larger NEX locations with wireless internet to help customers compare prices and research products, at an annual cost of about $400,000. Although this is not a final list of locations that will receive Wi-fi, although smaller exchanges (which have less selection and fewer customers) are less likely to receive the service.

According to the article on, here is a list of stores that have or are in the process of receiving Wi-fi:

Annapolis, Md., main store

Arlington, Va., uniform store

Bangor, Wash., NEX and uniform store

Belle Chase, La., main exchange

Bethesda NEX, main temp. and uniform (Henderson Hall)

Bremerton, Wash., NEX

Charleston, S.C., NEX and uniform

Corpus Christi, Texas, main store

Dam Neck, Va., main store

Everett, Wash., fleet store and NEX

Great Lakes, Ill., NEX (Sight and Sound), main store (Burkey), Ditty Bag, recruit store, student store

Gulfport, Miss., NEX

Jacksonville, Fla., NEX, Home and Garden

Lemoore, Calif., NEX

Little Creek, Va., NEX

Mayport, Fla., NEX, fleet store

Mechanicsburg, Pa., main store

Memphis, Tenn., main store

New London, Conn., NEX

Newport, R.I., NEX, uniforms

Hawaii (NEX appliance)

Norfolk, Va., NEX, fleet store, auto

North Island (Coronado), Calif., NEX

Oceana, Va., NEX, mini-mart/uniforms

Orlando, Fla., main store (McCoy)

Patuxent River, Md., NEX

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, NEX, fleet store, home store

Pensacola, Fla. (multiple locations, including fleet store)

Port Hueneme, Calif., NEX

San Diego fleet store, 32nd Street store, consumables

Whidbey Island, Wash., NEX, fleet store