Nuclear Power School Instructor

Community Overview: 

Naval Nuclear Power Instructors provide detailed operational knowledge in the key aspects of a pressurized-water Navy nuclear power plant, such as principles of a reactor core, radiological controls, properties of various materials, mechanical and electrical systems, and heat and fluid transfer systems.

Training Pipeline After Commission: 

You must complete Officer Indoctrination School (OIS), a 6-week course in Newport, RI. You must then complete a 4-month course at the Naval Nuclear Power School (NNPS) in Charleston, SC, where you will gain a theoretical understanding of the key areas involved in nuclear propulsion. After successful completion of NNPS School, you are then an instructor!

Special Pay/Bonuses: 

No enlistment bonus, but you are paid as E-6 (up to $2600/mo) while finishing school.

Active Duty Obligation: 
4 years from OIS graduation
Service Obligation: 
Total of 8 yrs Active & Inactive.
Age Requirement: 
You must be at least 19 and less than 29 at the time of commission.
Education Requirements: 
BA/BS/MS in preferred majors: Math, Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry.
"B" or better in all technical courses. Competitive 3.3+ GPA
At least 1 year of calculus and 1 year of calculus-based physics
Medical Requirements: