Sneak Peak at New CCB in Persian Gulf

A new coastal command boat(CCB) just introduced into the Persian Gulf area is giving sailors there a look at a new and more sophisticated boat for the coastal Navy forces.

Built by SAFE Boats Internation, this new craft is very similar to the larger Mark VI boats, the first of which is due to arrive in the fall. The Mark VI is an 85-foot vessel, while the CCB is a smaller 65-foot vessel where new operating concepts and tactics can be developed and honed.

The CCB has a normal crew of 10, with space below for up to 13 SEALs. The boat also features numerous crew-served weapons as while as the capability of fitting stand-off weapons such as Spike and Griffin missiles. Although those weapon systems have yet to be fully tested, they will likely require a dedicated crew member to control them.

The Mark VI Patrol Boat will feature heavier weapons, with a 25mm gun mounted at the bow. The Mark VI will also burn either marine-grade diesel or JP-5, and is expected to have a range of over 600 nautical miles and a top speed of up to 41 knots. The initial order of 6 Mark VI boats is expected to be completed by 2016, but the Navy has expressed interest in obtaining up to 48 of the craft.