Surface Warfare

Community Overview: 

Surface Warfare officers specialize in the operation of Navy ships at sea and the management of various shipboard systems, such as anti-submarine systems, vertical launch systems for surface to air and cruise missiles, engineering systems, communications systems, and damage control systems.

The ultimate goal of every Surface Warfare officer is command of their own ship.

Training Pipeline After Commission: 

After graduation from Officer Candidate School (12 weeks), candidates will head to Surface Warfare Officers School Division Officer Course (SWOSDOC) in Newport, Rhode Island, for a 17 week course. The first 11 weeks cover the basics in shipboard management, combat systems, ship control, and surface ship fundamentals, while the last 6 weeks are specific to the particular ship class that the officer will be assigned to.

After completing the core SWOSDOC course, you will attend a specialty school, such as Anti-submarine Warfare Officer, Engineering Division Officer, Damage Control Assistant, and Communications Officer. These courses vary in length from 3 to 7 weeks.

Special Pay/Bonuses: 

$150/month sea pay starts on initial sea duty assignment, and $50,000 incentive pay to stay past initial obligation.

Active Duty Obligation: 
4 yrs Active from date of commission.
Service Obligation: 
Total of 8 yrs Active & Inactive.
Age Requirement: 
You must be at least 19 and less than 29 at the time of commission.
Education Requirements: 
BA/BS in any major
2 semesters of calculus and calculus-based physics required.
Medical Requirements: 
Correctable to 20/20 (waivers considered).
Color vision required
PRK and LASIK only eye surgeries waiverable.